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Bellabeat vs Fitbit, two competitors in the fitness tracker market, are both working hard to become market leaders. Is there a clear frontrunner in that race? Let’s pit Bellabeat vs. Fitbit head-to-head by analyzing their respective features.

You indeed found the ideal place to be now. This article compares Fitbit and Bellabeat, including their features and characteristics. When comparing Bellabeat with Fitbit, the latter’s popularity stands out more. Fitbit is a well-known fitness tracker manufacturer because it has been around for seven more years than Bellabeat. But Bellabeat also provides high-quality activity trackers. Most tech wearables are created with guys in mind. Bellabeat was the first to market premium fitness trackers that rival those from Fitbit and Xiaomi. Let’s investigate them thoroughly.

Compare Bellabeat to Fitbit Feature-for-Feature:


1. Design:

Some Fitbit smartwatches look very much like Apple watch models. Some individuals may mistake these for genuine Apple watches due to their resemblance. In contrast to Apple watches, however, most Fitbit trackers are thin. Fitbit trackers are gender-neutral, meaning any sex can wear them. They are an excellent option for everybody because of their tasteful appearance. In addition, most Fitbit trackers are black, contributing to their dignity and making them an excellent choice for people of both sexes. Bellabeat, on the other hand, features a singular bracelet style. It looks great with either a bracelet or a necklace. As a product aimed solely at women, Bellabeat trackers are available in various fashionable colors and patterns. These monitors can take on the appearance of a beautiful bracelet charm at times.

2. Display:

The Bellabeat fitness tracker is a hidden little gadget. When you sync your Bellabeat fitness tracker to your phone, you will be able to access your monitoring data.The Bellabeat fitness tracker may sync with a smartphone app to access stored data. However, Fitbit has a Gorilla Glass 3-protected AMOLED display. The display’s brightness is automatically adjusted based on the ambient light detected by the sensor. The Fitbit display also boasts 300 x 300 pixels and 1000 nits of brightness.

3. Powered-Up Time:


Bellabeat is the best wearable in terms of battery life. Bellabeat uses less electricity because it lacks a display that would otherwise indicate its status. However, increased energy use is caused by several other causes.

4. Wearable fitness trackers by Fitbit:

Your Fitbit may only have a battery life of about two days when used usually. However, battery life can be extended by activating power mode and minimizing GPS use. The battery life might be severely impacted by using GPS and audio constantly.

5. Proof Against Moisture:

Water resistance on Bellabeat fitness trackers ranges from IP68 to IPX6. Bellabeats with the IP68 certification are among the most water-resistant wearables available. Unfortunately, due to IPX6 standards, wearing a Bellabeat while swimming is impossible. However, most Fitbit trackers have an IP68 rating or higher, making them water-resistant. Because of this, persons who live in wet climates or who take frequent showers will benefit more from purchasing a Fitbit tracker. The water resistance of most Fitbits is 5 ATM.

5. Tracking:


Because of its focus on fitness monitoring, no other device compares to Fitbit regarding tracking functionality. A Fitbit tracker’s sensitive sensors allow it to keep tabs on your vitals throughout the day. You can use many additional options if you pay for a premium membership. Bellabeat, on the other hand, provides a few tracking functions, like sleep, steps, and breathing, albeit with reduced precision. However, Bellabeat’s most attractive feature is that it monitors the menstrual cycle accurately. Because of its quality, it is highly recommended for ladies.

6. Connectivity:


Fitbit trackers are compatible with various electronic gadgets, including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones (including the iPhone and Android), and tablets. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) allows Fitbit to communicate wirelessly with other devices. In addition, Fitbit trackers may link up with Wifi systems. However, Bellabeat is limited in the number of available connections. Bellabeat lets you wirelessly connect to your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth. However, you’ll need Android 6.0 or iPhone 11.0 for a seamless experience.



  • Feminine, fashionable patterns
  • Durable battery life
  • Water-resistant
  • Keep tabs on your period.


  • Bellabeat does not feature a pulse oximeter.



  • Crafted with cutting-edge elegance.
  • 50-metre water resistance.
  • Easy to return if not satisfied Offers.
  • Compact and Lightweight.


  • Lack of an altimeter for measuring altitude.


The distinction between Bellabeat vs Fitbit is easy to understand when you look at their respective prices. Unfortunately, things aren’t relatively that easy. Bellabeat, for instance, may be purchased for close to $100, while a more reasonably priced Fitbit can be purchased for around $80.00. But if we can additionally examine their characteristics, we can make a fair comparison.

Therefore, Bellabeat Leaf Urban has much to offer, from stress tracking to goal-setting customization. But we can see that the Fitbit Flex 2, which costs nearly as much as Bellabeat, lacks any such extras. You should spring for a newer model if you want the most up-to-date features.

In terms of monitoring your slumber, which one is superior?

  • Bellabeat Leaf’s sleep tracking features set it apart from the Fitbit.
  • The Leaf provides an estimate based on movement and time, while the Fitbit provides a score based on both.
  • Battery life is another major differentiator between the Leaf and the Fitbit, with the former lasting up to 10 days before recharging and the latter only four to nine days.
  • Both the Fitbit Charge and the Bellabeat Leaf are excellent sleep trackers and water-resistant.
  • However, there are significant distinctions between the two that may make one a better option than the other.
  • If you need to charge your gadget more frequently, the Fitbit Charge is a better option than the Leaf because its battery life is seven days rather than five.
  • When comparing fitness trackers, the Leaf is the superior choice because it includes a heart rate monitor and an activity tracker to help you remain active throughout the day. In contrast, Fitbit is the inferior choice due to its lack of these capabilities.

In terms of the menstrual cycle, which one is the most reliable?

The primary functions of Bellabeat Leaf, a menstrual cycle tracker, are menstrual cycle monitoring, fertility prediction, and ovulation detection. The Fitbit Charge monitors heart rate and is waterproof up to 50 meters. More than five days of use is possible on a single charge, and it works with iOS, Android, and Windows. With a six-month battery life and the ability to withstand water, the Bellabeat Leaf is the ideal wearable for monitoring your menstrual cycle and other health metrics. The Fitbit Charge monitors your heart rate and sleep patterns, but its period tracker is bare bones.

How does my Heart Rate compare between Bellabeat and Fitbit?

  • Bellabeat Leaf and Fitbit Charge are both fitness trackers. However, they differ in meaningful ways. Unlike Fitbit, which monitors sleep and heart rate, the Bellabeat Leaf also keeps track of your menstrual cycles.
  • If you want to avoid always being charged your fitness tracker, the Fitbit Charge is better than the Bellabeat Leaf.
  • Compared to Bellabeat vs Fitbit contains sensors that monitor your menstrual cycle, sleep patterns, and heart rate. The Bellabeat Leaf is water-resistant, while the Fitbit Charge is not. However, the Fitbit offers a longer battery life.


In conclusion, there is no clear winner in the Bellabeat vs. Fitbit argument. Each health monitor has special tools that make it ideal for specific users. While Fitbit is better suited to monitoring fitness progress, Bellabeat is an excellent option for ladies who wish to monitor their health in depth. When deciding between the two, it’s also essential to consider how accurate they are and how long their batteries last. Ultimately, it’s up to the user to determine which option is ideal. If you want to get in better shape and boost your health, you can’t go wrong with Bellabeat or Fitbit. This Bellabeat vs. Fitbit comparison should help you choose the best option.


When compared to Fitbit, what sets Bellabeat apart?

While Fitbit is primarily designed for activity tracking and fitness, Bellabeat prioritizes overall health and wellness. In addition, unlike many Fitbit trackers, Bellabeat does not feature a display screen.

How does Bellabeat’s activity tracking stack up against Fitbit’s?

Bellabeat and Fitbit keep tabs on your physical activity, but Fitbit is more comprehensive in tracking and has more exercise options. While some Bellabeat watches have heart rate tracking, Fitbit does so.

Can you wear a Bellabeat or Fitbit while swimming?

Bellabeat’s Ivy bracelet is not water resistant, but most Fitbit trackers can withstand submerging water up to 50 meters deep. Before using a model in the water, familiarizing oneself with its technical specifications is wise.

How well do Bellabeat and Fitbit sync with one another?

Bellabeat, like Fitbit, can sync with your phone and other devices via Bluetooth. However, Fitbit offers near-field communication (NFC) for mobile payments on select versions.

Can you use a Bellabeat or Fitbit as a smartwatch?

While Fitbit offers several different smartwatch models, Bellabeat does not.

How long do the Bellabeat and Fitbit trackers’ batteries last?

Although it varies by model, most Fitbit trackers have a battery life of several days. The battery life of Bellabeat’s devices can last for days.

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