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Instagram is the most popular social media app that requires no introduction, it connects to others. Its popularity increased day by day on both iOS and Android. You can also share different videos or photos in the form of posts, messages, or stories. However, maybe you find something important and want to keep it offline so you can enjoy it even if you don’t have access to the internet. It may seem impossible because Instagram does not allow you to download other people’s content for offline viewing. Luckily, many Instagram Video Downloader programmers that had the bright idea to make the greatest Instagram video and photo download software. You can keep all of your favorite posts and videos on your device with the help of the Instagram video download apps. These videos can be seen even when you are not connected.

What is Instagram Video Downloader?

Instagram video downloader is the simplest approach or tool that gives the capability to its Users to save and download Instagram images, videos, posts, and stories they like and can’t take a breath without on their device. Users may now download IGTV videos from Instagram and store them for offline viewing using an Instagram downloader. Thanks to technology, you won’t have to waste any more time stumbling around for the right program to download videos from Instagram. Here, we’ll show you the 25+ top-rated and reliable Instagram video downloader’s so you can download Instagram videos. We’ll go in-depth on each of their capabilities, the cost, and their services, and finally leave it up to you to choose whether to use a certain tool or move on.
Instagram Video Downloader


25+ Best Instagram Video Downloaders for Android, iOS, And Windows users

1. Reposter for Instagram 

Reposter for Instagram is a user-friendly Instagram Video downloader that allows you to share and save high-resolution Instagram videos and photographs without worrying about watermarks. This app works with iPhone, iPod touch, and MacOS 11.0 devices running iOS 13.0 or later. It includes a stylish UI and easy download options for your device. Additionally, there is no paid option, so cash and tokens are not required, although updates are somewhat less trustworthy. You can repost your favorite content without watermarks in an unlimited number or for free.
Download Here

2: VideoHunter 

With VideoHunter, users may download any type of video content from more than 1,000 websites, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, and others. VideoHunter is a fully complete video downloader. This easy-to-use downloader has now gained popularity among those who share content because of its high-quality output, which always pays off with fantastic offline video playing. It might be as high-quality as 1080p, 4K, or even 8K. The free version allows you three daily downloads that only offer a few functions. Upgrades are needed for some functionality. Pay $9.95 per month for one device or $29.95 per year for two devices.
Download Here

3: SnapDownloader 

If you want to be able to download Instagram videos and you want to be able to do it on either Windows or Mac, SnapDownloader is a pretty wonderful option. The download is free, and you can see how many people have been enjoying their product by reading a lot of favorable reviews on their website. You can schedule downloads and extract audio from videos, so if your favorite YouTube channel is releasing a new video that you know you’ll want to download, you can set it up so that it downloads as soon as the video is uploaded. You can also take advantage of their 24/7 customer care if there are any problems along the road.
Download Here

4: 4K Stogram

4K Stogram is an easy way to download Instagram stories, videos, photographs, and other content. Platforms for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu are supported here. You may set up subscriptions to your favorite Instagram accounts, hashtags, and locations, and the program will automatically download both recent and upcoming posts. The best feature is the ability to download private Instagram videos and content and to rearrange the order of Instagram highlights. Its free version has limitations on the number of downloads. They are available in three price ranges, with the least expensive being $9.95 and the most expensive being $65.
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5: YT Saver 

YT Saver is an intuitive video downloader program that makes it simple to save videos from Instagram and other sites. Video downloads go through smoothly and quickly. You only need to paste the video’s link into the app for it to download to your device. You may quickly and conveniently download videos from Instagram with the help of YT Saver’s Instagram video downloader tool. The software allows users to download films from a variety of other well-known websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Rumble, and more.YT Saver is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking an intuitive video downloading program because of its clear and simple user interface.
Download Here

6: Inflact

Inflact aims to download any type of Instagram content, including photos, stories, and videos from IGTV In a matter of seconds or it can download any content you choose. On the content you want to capture, click the three dots. After that, click “copy URL” to obtain its link. Insert this link into the text field on Inflact, then click “Download.” You’ll instantly have the snapshot or video you wanted saved on your smartphone. However, the tool is free to use, you may access additional fascinating features by paying a little fee. These comprise the capacity to download numerous films and pictures simultaneously, or conserving.
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7: ITubeGo

One of the best things about ITubeGo, which is a fantastic solution, is that they can assist you on YouTube as well. If you’re downloading Instagram photos and videos, there’s an excellent possibility you’ll also want to download similar content from YouTube. They have an MP3 music downloader that you can take advantage of as well as their Android app, which is free to use. They are accessible in more than 200 areas and nations around the world and have more than 1 million happy customers. iTubeGo is a fantastic option for anyone seeking  a reliable video downloader program thanks to its all-in-one capabilities and user-friendly layout.
Download Here

8: Leawo Video Downloader

Leawo Video Downloader can 6X more quickly download 720P/1080P videos from 1000+ websites. You can use it to download live-streaming videos, TV shows, music videos, and more. It has innovative hardware acceleration technology for 6X faster speed and superior video loading technology. The good news is that you can try them out for free so that you can decide if you like them before you commit to anything. They have a license for a year that will cost you $29.95.
Download Here

9: InsTake

Although less well-known, InsTake also makes it simple for users to download Instagram videos. Users may download Instagram videos using the app, which is accessible on both Android and iOS, without upgrading to a premium plan. But before it can function, you must sign in to your Instagram account via the app, which may seem like an unnecessary step to some. It keeps an Eye on the metrics and analytics or it saves your history automatically to avoid any inconvenience.
Download here for iOS Download here for Android

10: Instagram Downloader

Instagram Downloader is as useful as it claims to be for quickly and easily downloading Instagram videos. You can download any videos you want from Instagram in two simple steps. To download a photo or video from Instagram, all you need to do is copy the URL and paste it into the text box provided on the Instagram downloader. Your video will be preserved in its complete, beautiful form. No matter what gadget or operating system you are using, the tool is completely free or safe to use and may be installed on many devices.
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11: Quick Save

Quick Save performs the same function as all other Instagram photo and video downloading apps. With this Instagram downloader, you can repost or even share the content with your friends after downloading it. The camera roll that comes with this best app for Instagram videos allows you to edit photos and videos using a variety of filters and editing tools. With the help of this top download Instagram videos app, the user may choose grid design and photo splits to increase pleasure. There are also no in-app purchases, making it free to use and download Instagram videos whenever you want.
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12: Glassagram

Glassagram is a fantastic program for viewing and downloading content from private Instagram accounts, making the process very simple. For those who want to save content from private Instagram profiles but don’t want to deal with the trouble of completing surveys or disclosing personal information, this app is ideal. Additionally, Glassagram is 100 percent anonymous, so you can download files without being concerned that the account owner would find out. Glassagram is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a private Instagram downloader tool due to its user-friendly design and hassle-free downloading features.
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13: InstaOffline

A flexible Instagram media downloader called InstaOffline enables users to easily download private videos from Instagram as well as IGTV and Reels. You have the freedom to download as many videos as you like without any limitations when using InstaOffline. Additionally, the tool gives customers more options for downloading. You can switch between special advantages depending on the type of Instagram content you wish to download. Following the successful two-step downloading process, the download itself is straightforward.
Download Here

14: Qoob 

To save your stories, photographs, highlights, and videos from both public and private Instagram accounts, Qoob is a fantastic option for an Instagram video downloader. It enables you to add new Instagram stories and posts, both of which can be instantly saved to your computer. Additionally, it can assist you in transferring directly tagged Instagram posts to your PC. It enables you to transfer Instagram posts that have been bookmarked to your computer and can support the regular download of Instagram posts in popular and high-quality formats. You may even choose the Instagram content you download so you don’t have to download everything; instead, you can choose the content you like best.
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15: InstaGet

The next downloader app may be used to its full potential for all of your Instagram material requirements, regardless of whether you have an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. With the aid of this software, you can save movies that you can later reload onto your Instagram profile and watch as you please. You may download videos, share them, repost them, and even copy the tags from Instagram in addition to downloading them. Use InstaGet if you wish to post a gallery of content.
Download Here

16: InstaDownload

With the help of InstaDownload, any Instagram material, including lengthy IGTV videos and entertaining reel videos, can be downloaded quickly and easily. The UI itself makes it simple to switch between the different types of Instagram content you want to download with the aid of a click. The method is also quite easy to follow. You copy the URL for the video you want to download, type it into the text box provided by InstaDownlaod, and then click the download button. The tool operates flawlessly on all platforms, including Mac and Android.
Download Here

17: Instore

One of the greatest Instagram video downloaders is Instore, which provides 20+ options for users of social media. The software has a very user-friendly UI and is very simple to use. You may now utilize the app’s new version to create hashtags and captions simply by uploading your images. It is one of the best AI programs for downloading HD content and is open source. Without checking in, you may still use the app to repost movies and photographs. The app provides a variety of features, including the ability to save stories and generate hashtags, captions, download videos, download DPs, and resize DPs. The program allows users to make collages as well.
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18 FastSave

For downloading Instagram photos and videos, FastSave is an Android app that has received over 10 million downloads. It’s one of the best apps for Android devices to save Instagram videos, enabling you to store Instagram photos and videos on your phone or tablet. A bar at the top of the main screen contains stories that have been quickly gathered. By pressing down on downloaded pictures and videos for a long period, you can obtain user information. This Instagram saver downloads data quickly. Here you can easily remove, shared, and reposted the photos and videos or you can also cover up the stored images and videos.
Download Here

19: IGDownloader

The IGDownloader makes downloading Instagram images and videos straightforward. You may save your reels, avatar, IGTV channel, and profile using this Instagram downloading software. This service allows you to download several Instagram profiles, examine user profile pictures in high resolution, and download private Instagram photos and videos. It is one of the best Instagram downloader apps for unrestricted downloading of Instagram material. Additionally, the website offers a free Instagram download option to each user.
Download Here

20: DownloadInstagramVideo

The ability to download Instagram’s private videos sets DownloadInstagramVideo apart from other apps of the same kind right away. Public video downloads are possible with certain technologies, but downloading private videos can be challenging. Aside from the above-mentioned special functionality, the program is a general downloading tool that enables quick and easy Instagram content downloads from any device, anywhere in the globe. You do not need to register or be limited in the number of videos you can download to complete your task.
Download Here

21: Circleboom

This is one of those video-downloading applications that genuinely cares about its users and always puts them first. We appreciate that they are excellent at not just assisting you in downloading Instagram videos, but also Instagram reels and any other form of Instagram content. They can also export these to wherever you need them. This implies that it makes no difference whether you are working with Android or iOS because they can assist you with everything. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that every aspect of their video downloader app is hassle-free. On their website, they even walk you through a step-by-step tutorial for maximizing the potential of their program.
Download Here

22: Growthoid

Growthoid is a good option because they are a little different from the ones we have discussed so far. They provide a straightforward Instagram video and photo downloader for their customers, but this program does a lot more than you might expect. They can help you improve your Instagram profile so that you can acquire more shares, likes, and followers if you’re ready to pay the little weekly fee they demand. Simply copy and paste the URL link of the video you want to download to use their user-friendly interface if you only want to focus on their downloading feature. When you choose a video, your smartphone will instantly save it.

23: Story Downloader

On your Android device, Story Downloader is a dynamic and useful tool for downloading Instagram content. You could search and store stories through its user-friendly interface, effortlessly download photographs and videos, and then repost those to your Instagram feed. It is not necessary to join in order to use this application. Just start downloading as soon as possible from the Google Play Store. To improve user experience, the application was often updated with new features and bug fixes.

24: HashtagforLikes

Compared to many other tools on this list, HashtagforLikes is unique. Although it provides a straightforward Instagram photo and video downloader, the utility has more to offer than first appears. It may optimize your Instagram profile and get you more likes, shares, and followers for your trouble if you’re prepared to spend a small sum each week. The site provides a simple and appealing interface for downloading publicly available videos and photographs. The URL link for the video you want to download only has to be copied and pasted. The video will be saved to your device after you click download.
Download Here

25: Toolzu Online Video Downloader

It offers a special Instagram video download service, complete with a rapid fetch algorithm and sophisticated features. The fact that it is totally unrestricted, totally free, and supports unlimited downloading is the best part. You can download many forms of content from Instagram with this all-in-one tool. Downloadable content includes images, reels, movies, tales, and IGTV, as well as user profiles and DP. You can save time by downloading stories and reels. Registration is not required, but downloading from a private account requires payment.

26: Socialdown

Socialdown takes pleasure in providing a straightforward answer to your Instagram downloading problems. You need to provide it with the necessary URL, and it will download it in a short amount of time. You can download as many videos as you want each day, and they operate well on all computers and mobile devices. The tool’s jumbled interface, on the other hand, makes it incredibly challenging to locate the text field. The program lacks any fascinating features and is also very slow. Nevertheless, you may take comfort in the knowledge that content is downloaded in its original quality.

Instagram Video Downloader


Frequently Asked Questions about Downloading Instagram Videos

1: How do I download IG videos? You may easily download IG videos using any of these Instagram video downloader tools. You just need to figure out which app will work with the smartphone you have, copy the URL of the Instagram video, photo, or post that you want to download, paste it into the URL bar, and then click the “download” option. 2: How can I download IG videos for free? Yes, you can download many Instagram videos or photos for free. There are many above-mentioned free apps that help you in saving an unlimited number of videos without any cost like 4K Stogram, inflact, instaOffline, and so on. Just for that purpose, you have to copy the URL of the Instagram video or photo, and then paste it into the URL bar. 3: What is the fastest Instagram downloader? In our above-mentioned list, there are many fattest downloader apps but it depends upon the gadget that you are using if we talk about Android users Quick Save is the fattest Instagram video downloader. For iOS users, Reposer for Instagram is the best option, or for Windows, 4K Stogram would be the best choice.

Last thoughts

We listed the 25+ best Instagram downloading apps for videos, stories, and photographs. These apps make it simple and quick to save your favorite content for offline access. Make the best decision for your downloading needs while you explore these programs by keeping your demands and tastes in mind. For many users, these apps have proven to be the most dependable, effective, and simple to use. In terms of our suggestion, use Inflact if you’re seeking a downloader that can also generate hashtags and carry out mass downloads. Tools like DownloadGram or InstaDownload work well if you want something straightforward to use to download videos. Now, by following these recommendations, you’ll be able to get the best Instagram downloader app to increase your social media experience. So, go no now and enjoy your favorite content offline.

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