costco gas hours

The business of Costco is heavily reliant on petrol sales. In 2022, the large box retailer’s 668 petrol stations sold roughly a million gallons of fuel each month. In 2022, the petrol division of Costco accounted for almost 14% of total net sales (Costco). Why would Costco do all this work when selling petrol typically only brings in a little money? Even though selling petrol makes Costco’s operation more complex, having petrol stations attracts more customers than the large box store would otherwise get. 50% of customers who buy petrol also shop at the warehouse sites.

Describe Costco.

A membership warehouse club with a wide range of products and grocery items is called Costco. Even luxury products, Plan B, technology, and toys can be found in some places. On the majority of its parking lots, the corporation operates gas stations.


To utilize the petrol stations owned by Costco, you must be a member. When filling up with petrol, Costco members must utilize their membership cards. Only if you possess a Costco Shop Card is there an exception.

Cost of Gas at Costco

Costco’s petrol sales make up 9% of the company’s income because they can often offer petrol for roughly 20 cents a gallon less than local competitors. Due in part to the significant degree of market volatility and variations in local taxation arrangements, the company does not display its petrol pricing on its website.

costco gas hours

Here is a complete list of Costco petrol hours for each day:

Days Opening Time
Closing Time
Monday 5 AM – 9 AM 7 PM – 10 PM
Tuesday 5 AM – 9 AM 7 PM – 10 PM
Wednesday 5 AM – 9 AM 7 PM – 10 PM
Thursday 5 AM – 9 AM 7 PM – 10 PM
Friday 5 AM – 9 AM 7 PM – 10 PM
Saturday 7 AM – 9 AM 6 PM – 8 PM
Sunday 7 AM – 9 AM 6 PM – 8 PM

Hours of Costco Gas Before and During Holidays

There are some adjustments made over the holidays. Costco petrol stations’ business hours vary on several holidays. Additionally, they are closed on some days. The following list of holidays keeps the Costco petrol stations closed:

  • January 1st
  • Good Friday
  • Day of Independence
  • Veterans Day
  • Day of Labour
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

What Hours and Days Are Best To Buy Gas At Costco?

The fact that Costco’s gas lines can occasionally get quite long is one of the most well-known problems with doing so. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your trips to the petrol station at times of the day when other patrons are probably occupied somewhere else. Late morning between 10 AM and noon is the most fantastic time to purchase petrol at Costco. The weekends are typically the busiest at the petrol station, so make sure to go during the week.

Use of Costco Gas Has Both Pros and Cons

Costco has a reputation for selling premium petrol for the most affordable price. Its petrol station sells standard and premium grade fuel and cheaper diesel in some locations.

Pros 👍:

  • Dependable fuel backed by Costco value guarantees
  • Trained help to assist you in whatever
  • Eco-friendly cleaning practices, among other things
  • Membership card for incredible benefits and discounts
  • High-quality fuel with assured satisfaction is offered at affordable costs

Cons 👎:

  • The costs could alter without warning.
  • Long queues, particularly at peak times

Savings Strategies For Costco’s Pump

Although Costco already has low costs, there are some ways to reduce what you pay at the pump there.

1. Purchase petrol in the morning while it’s fantastic.

To save money, buy your petrol early in the day. You’ll get more fuel for your money if you fill up while it’s cold outside since petrol is denser in the cold. Additionally, buying in the morning can save you even more money because petrol prices are regularly raised in the afternoon and evening. Read more at Consumer Reports.

2. Use a cash-back credit card.

You can get a portion of your Costco petrol purchase back with some cash-back cards. According to CNBC, Costco credit cards also give 4% cash back on qualifying petrol expenditures for the first $7,000 a year (after which it drops to 1%).

3. Check the Gas Receipts from Costco

The majority of individuals throw their receipts in the trash without giving it any attention. But did you know that scanning your receipts can significantly lower the cost of your Costco petrol? Many apps will give you money back for doing this. For instance, you can win rewards by uploading any receipt to Receipt Hog and Fetch Opinion prizes. So the next time you’re about to discard a Costco petrol receipt, pause and consider the possibility that it might be worth a little additional money.

Can Cash Be Used To Pay For Gas At Costco?

Costco only accepts one type of payment, which is another disadvantage of doing petrol shopping there. At Costco petrol stations, only Visa credit and debit cards are accepted as payment. No cash is accepted here.

Costco Gas Hours

What Are Services Offered by Costco Gas?

In addition to providing discounted petrol to Costco members, Costco petrol also provides other services like automobile detailing and car washing. Depending on the region and season, different hours are in effect. Though some Costo outlets are open 24 hours a day, most are open seven days a week.

Additionally, this service is accessible on significant holidays. For instance, Costco locations typically operate with fewer hours on Christmas and Thanksgiving. They might be open for a particular portion of the day (often from 6 am to 10 pm).

Using Costco petrol has various benefits over well-known rivals like Shell or BP. By purchasing it in bulk from Costco, you save money and time because you avoid having to drive to a different petrol station. Gas at Costco is often substantially less expensive than buying it from other stores – sometimes even up to $0.30 per gallon! Additionally, many people believe that the quality of the petrol at Costco is on par with or even more excellent than that which they would find elsewhere.

Costco Gas offers the following services:

1. Payment Options for Services Supporting Touch To Pay

At Costco petrol stations, customers can use ‘tap to pay’ with Visa cards, retailer membership cards, and mobile wallets. These are all hassle-free contactless payment methods that you can use.

2. The Cleansing And Protective Fuel

Vital additives in the premium petrol used in the Kirkland Signature formulation safeguard your engine and keep it clean, enabling it to perform like a brand-new car. To ensure that your car lasts a long time, it is essential to use high-quality petrol with significant amounts of deposit control additives.

Costco Petrol offers the best fuel to ensure that your engine runs as efficiently as possible. Additionally, many Costco locations sell Kirkland Signature Diesel, which has additives that help remove deposits from injectors. Additionally, this improves engine performance and efficiency.

3. AAA Quality Certification

You might be shocked to find that not all petrol is created equal. While some are non-TOP TIER brands, which are not the best gasoline, others are TOP TIER brands. According to AAA testing, detergent additives are crucial in determining the quality of petrol. Testing has shown that TOP TIER gas provides the optimum performance for Costco Gas customers.

4. Better Fuel

Petrol sold by Costco is up to the high standards that customers have come to expect. Because Costco Gas is a TOP TIER gas merchant, your engine will run as efficiently as possible.

The petrol used by Kirkland Signature has been meticulously formulated to clean your car’s engine and make it run like new. It contains a detergent strength that is five times more than what the EPA requires. Additionally, Costco sells premium fuel to increase cold-start performance and wear prevention.

5. Experts with Experience

Costco Gas provides a beautiful experience, top-notch customer service, and affordable prices. You can anticipate the best encounter with the best personnel available if you require assistance. The highly qualified staff at Costco petrol stations is dedicated to ensuring customers are safe at the pump.

Additionally, they ensure the station is always maintained and kept spotless to give customers a positive experience. It’s important to note that every Costco petrol station is exceptionally environmentally friendly.

All it takes is a single button click when you’re ready to move, and the machine takes care of the rest. That’s all there is to it! When you move, your hair’s total length is penetrated by the water-based lubricant for outstanding smoothness. American homes may now take advantage of free, unrestricted grocery delivery from Costco Gas with same-day service for a simple commute home after a long day at work.

Costco Gas Hours

Coming Soon: New Costco Gas Station Locations

According to the most recent study, Costco has 847 warehouses, with sizes ranging from 80,000 to 230,000 square feet.

According to reports, Costco wants to increase the number of its locations in various nations. According to what they stated, the following locations will open soon:!

  • Seattle, Washington – December 2022
  • Australia – December 2022, Casuarina
  • Arizona’s Queen Creek in January 2023
  • March 2023 in S London, Ontario
  • Texas – Kyle – March 2023
  • Chinese Pudong, March 2023
  • Colorado – April 2023 Longmont
  • Japan – Meiwa – April 2023

Details for Costco Gas’s customer support

Emails can be used to contact Costco Gas customer service. Any queries or requests for clarification can be sent to, who would be happy to assist. Costco Gas also offers its clients some online FAQs and featured articles that might assist them with their general questions.

Thanks to its knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced staff, Costco Gas offers excellent customer service. For the finest experience, they provide consumers with speedy and helpful service. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the entire world and understaffed businesses.


Buying petrol from Costco can be an excellent method to cut costs. Remember that weekends can be busy, and you must utilize a debit card or contactless payment option. During the week, go to Costco early in the morning or late at night to avoid crowds. You’ll be happy that you did!


Does Costco petrol serve the general public?

No. Only Costco members and customers with Costco Shop Cards can use the Costco petrol stations.

When does Costco Gas customer service start?

All of Costco’s petrol stations have safety attendants on staff. Throughout Costco Gas’s operating hours, these attendants are present and on duty.

Which more services does Costco Gas provide?

At Costco Gas, there are security and customer service workers on-site. Additionally, Costco offers high-quality fuel at cheaper costs than the industry standard.

How can I locate the closest Costco Gas?

Use Coscto’s store locator to find the closest Costco Gas outlet. If Costco Gas is available at the chosen location, a gas pump icon will be next to the store’s hours and location.

What Time of Day Is Best To Visit Costco?

According to research from various articles, Tuesday through Thursday from 3 to 5 p.m. is the most efficient and convenient time to visit Costco.


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