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Description of EZDriveMA

launching a digital tolling program that transforms the accepted payment methods. With our cutting-edge solution, you won’t have to deal with booths, gates, or obstacles, giving you a hassle-free experience. We provide a convenient transponder service in Massachusetts, which is the most straightforward method for paying tolls.

You can get reduced rates based on the meter readings by mounting the transponder to your rearview mirror. Don’t worry if you don’t have a transponder. You are able to mail your money using our Pay by Plate MA service. Please be aware that as the registered owner, you are in charge of paying the toll.

EZPass MA Login

Conditions for EZPass MA Login

Please make sure you have the following details close at hand:

  • Your bank account information, including debit or credit card details.
  • The vehicle you want to buy’s year, make, and manufacturing date.
  • identifying the vehicle’s number plate number.

How to Get the Mass Ez Pass Login Information in 2023

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1. To access your E-ZPass MA account, log in.


For registered E-ZPass MA users, the login type. Register an account with Pay By Plate MA; Register for an E-ZPass MA Pay By Casserole Designated Prepaid Account.

2. EZPass MA


Through a transponder attached to their windscreen, E-ZPass MA offers clients electronic toll collection. Your toll is promptly credited to your E-ZPass account after your transponder reads a toll booth as you pass through it. Additionally, look at BB&T Bank.

3. EZDriveMA|Mass.gov


Massachusetts’s system of electronic tolling. E-ZPass MA and Pay By Plate MA make up this system. The Mass Turnpike (I-90), Tobin Memorial Bridge, Sumner, Callahan, and Ted Williams Tunnels all function without toll booths as part of the programme.

4. MTA E-ZPass House


Establish a connection to a savings or credit card. Regular travellers will love this payment option. When you connect your E-ZPass to a credit card, debit card, or bank account, you may pass through toll booths with assurance since you’ll always have money in your account when it gets low.

5. EZDriveMA


Vehicles can travel by toll sites at highway speeds thanks to the Massachusetts electronic tolling programme, EZDriveMA, which runs without toll booths, obstacles, or gates. The EZDriveMA programme offers four different ways to pay for tolls, including the low-cost E-ZPass MA prepaid transponder option.

6. Create an E-ZPass MA|Mass.gov application


Make, model, and year as listed on your vehicle’s registration as well as the licence plate number(s). You can make payments with a debit card, a credit card, or your banking information. Download an E-ZPass MA application if you’d rather send your application. To the address listed in your account, a complimentary transponder will be mailed.

7. EZDriveMA’s customer service


You can now fund your E-ZPass Massachusetts account. Make a Pay-by-Plate payment; Create a new E-ZPass Massachusetts account; ask for more transponders. Update your account’s information, including your contact and payment details and information on your vehicle. Check your account activities, such as toll transactions.

8. Payment options for tolls | Mass.gov


The easiest way for drivers in Massachusetts to pay their tolls is using E-ZPass MA. Tolls are collected via a transponder, a tiny electronic gadget attached to your windscreen. When you sign up for an E-ZPass MA account, a transponder is complimentary. You can pay low-cost tolls on Massachusetts’s roads with your E-ZPass MA transponder.

9. Invoice By Plate MA


Pay By Plate MA is a toll-reduction option that uses images of cars and licence plates to either centre toll transactions to a legitimate Registered Pay By Plate MA account or to obtain the name and address of registered auto partners from the RMV/DMV and assign an invoice to secure tolls and associated fees.

10. TCP/IP E-ZPass


Please call the E-ZPass Customer Service Centre at 877.736.6727 (outside of the US, dial 717.561.1522) if you require extra help. Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Dial Centre and Customer Care Walk-In Hours.


EZPass MA Login Information Recovery

  • Use the EZDriveMA URL at www.mass.gov/ezdrivema to access the page if you can’t remember your login information.
  • Locate and select the “EZPass MA Log in” link in the center-left corner of the website.
  • You can click the “Forgot Your Username, Password or Have a Locked Account?” option just below the login fields.Toggle it on.
  • Then, enter your email address, transponder number, and account number before clicking the Submit button to complete the transaction.
  • The “First time logging in” option should be chosen for new users.
  • Include the account number, PIN, username, and password in the relevant boxes. Also, confirm the password.
  • To finish the login process, click on “Process”.
    Select the “Forgot your PIN” option if you can’t remember your PIN.
  • Click Submit to complete the procedure after entering your account number and email address.

Contact details for EZPass MA

You can ask for help from the contact support team if you have any problems logging into your EZPass MA or Pay by Plate account. They will walk you through logging into your account. Please see the following for contact information:

  • Contact Email: service@ezdrivema.com Contact Phone: (877) 627-7745 Contact by fax at (508) 786-5222.
  • You can write a mail to: with written questions.
  • 27 Midstate Drive, Auburn, MA 01501-1800, EZDriveMA Customer Service Centre


For the purpose of paying tolls, EZPass MA offers a practical transponder solution. You can pay your toll fees without difficulty whether you choose EZPass MA or the pay-by-plate option. You must sign into your online account in order to access these services. Please feel free to contact the support team for help if you run into any problems while attempting to log in.


I live in the USA; can I use EZPass MA in states other than Massachusetts?

Delaware has access to the transponder facility.

Where do I find an EZPass transponder?

Currently, Massachusetts residents can apply for a transponder through a service offered by the American Automobile Association, or AAA. You can benefit from this service and ask for a transponder if you are a member of AAA.

Can I use EZPass when renting a car?

It is not permitted to add a rented automobile to an EZPass.

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