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The 2019 release of FeetFinder marked the debut of a brand-new online platform. It’s become standard practice for those who sell photographs of their feet and those who enjoy looking at feet. Because of this, it is frequently used to purchase and sell images of feet. Users are satisfied with the platform, as evidenced by its 4.8 TrustPilot rating. This grade indicates that customers feel secure making purchases and selling images of their feet on the website.

You may purchase various photographs of feet on FeetFinder, from close-ups of individual toes and soles to more whimsical depictions of feet in various contexts. The site caters to various hobbies and preferences, ensuring that every user will find something they like.

The user-friendliness of FeetFinder’s design makes it simple for buyers and sellers to navigate the marketplace and transact business with images of feet. This facilitates a brisk and risk-free transaction process.

Is Feetfinder a Scam to Buy and Sell Foot Pics?

The answer is yes. FeetFinder is genuine and effective. The number of verified users actively using FeetFinder is in the thousands. Sign up, submit several pictures of your feet, assign a price to each picture, and watch the money roll in! It’s something you can learn in your spare time. Hundreds of reviews are available for your perusal. On Trustpilot, 92% of customers gave a good review, giving FeetFinder a 4.9 seller rating.

To whom does FeetFinder cater?

Indeed, the FeetFinder service is only suitable for some. But if you fall into one of these categories, you can use the platform to your advantage as a vendor:

  • Exhibit their best work as professional foot models.
  • Independent contractors who want to increase their earning potential
  • Those who value their anonymity but need a source of income
  • Sellers at the beginner level who want to start selling foot photos and need help doing so
  • Anyone willing to explore the foot fetish scene

Features of a Foot Finder

Due to its numerous valuable features, FeetFinder is favored by many designers over other platforms. FeetFinder is the only site that ensures payment safely and reliably.

1. Security

Many people who make content are worried about its safety. A website that asks for my personal information but doesn’t have solid security measures has my suspicions.  FeetFinder has met the PCI standards! Your personal information is secure from snoopers. SiteLock has validated that FeetFinder is secure, free of viruses and spam, and accessible only by authorized users. Additionally, FeetFinder allows you to password-protect your albums and movies for paying customers alone. It’s simple to cancel your account, which is a significant perk.

2. Anonymity

Want to make money off of foot photos but not your face? Find your feet at FeetFinder! You have the option of publicly identifying yourself or remaining anonymous. FeetFinder may, for practical reasons, ask for your phone number during signup. They require your mobile phone number so that they may constantly communicate with you and your clients via immediate DMs. Your phone number is confidential and will not be shared with FeetFinder. Here, there won’t be any creeps to bother you.

3. Chat Function

FeetFinder’s chat function is entirely cutting-edge. You may have a live conversation with your customers and give them tailored information on the spot. Conversing with a possible customer of your feet photos might help you learn more about their interests and provide exceptional content that speaks directly to them. Remember that even the FeetFinder admins cannot see your private chats because of the encryption used.

4. Hundreds of Different Types of Content

When you have a specific focus, you may build a distinct brand. Put your albums in any of FeetFinder’s hundreds of content categories. There are various ways to narrow your search on FeetFinder so you can only see results related to high heels, dancers, pedicures, tattoos, or nail paint. You can increase your earnings by promoting your content to the relevant buyers through category selection.

5. Paid Membership Option

FeetFinder stands out from the competition in part because of its subscription option. You may now provide unique material to your most loyal customers with the help of this function. They might subscribe for a monthly cost rather than buying individual feet pictures. In addition, this function can restrict access to your chat room or request gallery to only paying customers.

6. Post As Much As You Want

Do you wish to include the maximum number of pictures? You are free to load as many albums as you like into FeetFinder. Providing customers with access to more than 15 images per album expands your selling potential. Your film should be at most ten minutes, and your album size should be at most one gigabyte. The process of posting content has been simplified and accelerated.

7. Create an About Us Page

FeetFinder allows users to create and modify their own About pages. You can connect your various social network accounts to this specific page. Make your About page stand out by giving it some TLC.

8. Function Analyses

FeetFinder’s analytics dashboard permits monitoring of content’s success. Views, profile visits, and income can all be tracked with this function. Knowing how your content is doing on the platform will allow you to make the appropriate adjustments.

9. A Real-Time Webcast

Using the live cam option, you may present your customers with live, up-to-the-minute content.

10. Evidence Badge

Become a verified feet content model, please. You can rely on FeetFinder. It includes a verification tool for well-known models. You can apply for a verification badge once you have many followers on the service. Many customers are more willing to do business with you if you display a verification badge.


Feetfinder: How Much Does It Cost?

Purchasing FeetFinder won’t cost you a dime. This will guarantee that many people on FeetFinder are interested in purchasing photos of your feet. Sellers, or those looking to make money by posting pictures of their feet online, pay a small monthly fee to use FeetFinder’s services. Pricing is $4.99/mo / $14.99/yr. The annual premium is $29.99, or $9.99 each month. However, there is no charge for the first two weeks. The initial one is on the house, so to speak.

These costs include research and development, advertising campaigns designed to attract new customers and general business upkeep. To save cash, a pro tip is to research reliable survey sites. Invest around. You may quickly recoup the expense of the FeetFinder in 30 minutes per day of use. Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are two options worth investigating. Remember that FeetFinder retains 20% of your revenue as their fee. That is, out of every $100 you make, $80 will go to you after their 20% cut.

FeetFinder: Where to Begin?

Let’s discuss how FeetFinder functions before you start selling pictures of your feet. FeetFinder users looking to buy from you (the Seller) can do so by browsing profiles based on criteria such as age, race, gender, category, and more. Customers can also use phrase and keyword searches to find matching content descriptions. Sharing your profile URL on social media and writing descriptive titles and descriptions for your albums can boost sales, but more on that later.

  • Visit the official FeetFinder website and sign up for an account if you want to sell feet-related content.
  • Complete the form: You will be asked to fill out a form that requests basic information about yourself, such as your name, date of birth, and address. To become a FeetFinder seller, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • To guarantee that you are not a bot or using a fraudulent account, FeetFinder requires that you verify your age and identity. A photo ID will be asked from you. You may need to snap a photo of yourself with the ID.
  • The final step is to pay the $3.99 monthly or $14.99 annual subscription charge once your account has been approved.
  • You can pay an additional $14.99 per year to access premium features. While the price does help cover the platform’s operating costs, FeetFinder also claims it was implemented to weed out casual dealers. It will also boost advertising initiatives, advertise sellers, and enhance the user experience.
  • You may now add images of your feet to your ‘My Material’ page on FeetFinder. Lotion, Arched, High Heels, Nail Polish, and Sandals are just a few options. Video lengths beyond ten minutes will also be rejected despite the site’s “unlimited” upload policy.
  • After uploading, the photographs will be obscured so unauthorized users cannot view them.


  • Gain entry to a premium marketplace where prices are kept low, and quality is guaranteed.
  • Take charge of your pricing structure and adjust it to meet your needs.
  • The FeetFinder blog is a wealth of information for anyone interested in learning more about foot photography or promoting themselves professionally.


  • The membership fee is a one-time expenditure.
  • The commission rate on the site is relatively high (20% of sales).
  • Unlike competing online services, there is no accompanying smartphone app.
  • Scams are possible on the site.
  • You should expect fierce competition because there are much more sellers than buyers on the site.

FeetFinder: How to Monetize Your Foot Traffic.

Feet Finder is the most user-friendly and secure website available. There are thousands of legit buyers and sellers on the site. With foot finders, merchants can increase their profits by going in the appropriate direction. The site is great for sellers and helps buyers a great deal.

1. Value of the Material:

As a vendor, you should care about the content’s quality because it affects the price people are ready to pay. No one will pay anything if your foot photos and videos are subpar. If you want to make a lot of money using the foot finder, this is one of the most crucial steps. Customers care more about the content quality if they need to resize the image. There is no better place to upload subpar stuff than on your profile. The content must be high quality for a foot model to be effective.

2. Correct Classification and Labelling:

You can promote your foot profile to attract more orders, increasing your potential earnings. The correct keywords that meet the search of buyers should be selected while submitting information to your profile.
Potential purchasers viewing your profile will shrink if you neglect to include titles and descriptions. You can get more money on the foot finder if you upload high-quality images and videos with descriptive titles and captions.

3. Feet Finder Bundles:

Check out the website to compare the available offers and select the one that works best for you. You can now provide your users with even more lucrative avenues for using this resource. The Seller incurs costs in acquiring the bundle, but its value justifies the high asking price.

You can store as many 1 GB albums as possible on your profile page. If you are a regular website user, they will reward you with cash each week when they purchase from you. The website increased its efforts to attract new paying customers thanks to your subscription fees. Thus, this may be an excellent strategy for generating substantial revenue online.

4. Consistent

Customers are interested in purchasing cutting-edge materials; therefore, always describe them as such. If you make a material for your feet profile, it’s essential to be on trend and creative. This is not to say that all it takes to make money is to upload photos, sit back, and wait. You should update your foot profile frequently to show potential buyers that you are actively engaged with this platform.

Online moneymaking is a marathon, not a sprint. If you want people to visit your site and find the appropriate photographs and videos of feet for them, you should create content for various visitors. Get regular pedicures and foot massages to keep your feet looking their best. You can generate additional cash by getting a manicure or massage and selling high-quality photographs online.


FeetFinder: Billing and Getting Paid:

1. Establishing a Cost Range

FeetFinder is a website that advertises the sale of foot photographs on other websites. Customers have more options for purchasing foot photographs if multiple volumes at different price ranges ($5, $10–$15, and $20+) are presented to them.

2. Price increases:

People may be willing to pay more for a seller’s foot images if they find them particularly appealing. A single photograph can fetch anywhere from $5 to $100, depending on its quality. However, you shouldn’t limit your earning potential by limiting your options.

3. Payouts:

When your amount reaches $30, you’ll receive weekly rewards. Because of this, both buyers and sellers can conduct more productive and lucrative exchanges.

4. How to Make a Payment:

Payment options in FeetFinder vary by selling location. Sellers in the United States receive payments using Segpay, while those in other countries receive payments via Paxum.  Because of these procedures, processing payments online is safe and dependable. This guarantees the security of every FeetFinder transaction for both buyers and sellers.

Questions Regarding FeetFinder: A Review

What kind of app is FeetFinder, if any?

At the moment, FeetFinder is only available online. There is currently no app support for either iOS or Android.

Can I trust FeetFinder?

  • The use of FeetFinder is risk-free for both vendors and buyers of feet-related products.
  • Model-client interactions are supervised and prepared in advance to ensure everyone’s safety.

Is there any content on FeetFinder other than feet?

The sole purpose of FeetFinder is to advertise products connected to human feet. No off-topic material is allowed.

Is there a minimum age to sell on FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is an adult-only community. No one under 18 is permitted. All vendors are checked for compliance with this policy.

Do I have to expose my face to sell pictures of my feet?

Foot photos and videos can be shared without revealing your identity. However, the final say is entirely up to you. If you choose, you can maintain complete anonymity.

Do pictures of men’s feet sell?

Yes, pictures and videos of men’s feet can be lucrative. In reality, there are numerous classifications for male-oriented media. Selling foot-related content on FeetFinder is a viable business opportunity for men.

Can I make money by selling pictures of my ugly feet?

There is a label for every kind of foot: ugly feet, unclean feet, boots, socks, and shoes. You can make money if you have feet and a camera. It doesn’t matter how your feet look!  Now is the time to visitFeetFinder to make money from foot-related content.

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