Imginn is a social media website that lets users download pictures, videos, and Instagram stories from open accounts without revealing their identity. Imginn makes it simpler to discover and use data on Instagram users, videos, challenges, and hashtags for the benefit of the general public. It offers free access to Instagram analytics and public content without asking users to sign up or grant permission.

Benefits of Imginn:

  • You can access Instagram using Imginn without creating an account.
  • You can download all different types of postings, including pictures and videos.
  • You can use it to examine the profiles of other users’ accounts and your own and download from them.
  • It enables anonymous browsing so nobody can see what you have downloaded.
  • To assist you in downloading different files from Instagram, it features a separate menu.
  • The service is quick, and advertising will continue you from downloading.

Imginn features include:

Let’s discuss what this website offers visitors now that we know how to use it and its capabilities. An overview of Imginn’s features is provided below:

  • Anyone’s stories are publicly available for reading and downloading.
  • The postings on an Instagram account might be downloaded and seen without knowing.
  • You can get hold of any and all postings, media included.
  • It also allows you to back up these postings, albeit you must do this independently.

How does Imginn function?


Utilizes a system known as the Imginn API. Instagram has opened up access to its API to the entire internet. Users can read and download posts and stories from other Instagram accounts using Imginn, which uses Instagram’s open API. Imginn has various helpful features that are helpful when using the app.

We shall go into greater detail about these features later in this essay. But first, allow us to explain how to use this website. You may believe a website of this nature would be pretty challenging, but you would be wrong. This is simple.

Is Imagination Use Risky?

ImgInn is managed by a third party, so we cannot offer firm responses. Please be advised that neither ImgInn nor we can guarantee your security while you are surfing our website out of concern for your online safety.

Since a third party handles it, neither ImgInn nor we can assure users of its security. The functionalities are accessible to outsiders thanks to the Instagram Public API. However, concrete evidence must demonstrate that this API offers secured access. Additionally, this Public API makes use of the actual open’s characteristics.

Because a reliable VPN can save your life and lower your danger while online, you should use one to prevent unauthorized access to your accounts. Therefore, anytime you use a VPN, be sure that it is highly recommended and offers many valuable services. No one can directly identify you because it will make access to your profile private.

Creating an account on Imginn in a few easy steps:

  • Make an account
  • Register with Your Account
  • Look up your video.
  • You can watch and download the video.
  • Sending videos by email

Keeping your profile photo safe:


Ensuring your profile photo is secure before going live is essential for developing your image on social media. Make sure to download both the original image file and the high-quality version of your profile picture so you may share it later. For convenient access at any time, save these files to your computer or add them to a cloud storage service like Dropbox.

If something happens to your original profile picture, you’ll have a backup file with this method. Also, remember that rather than from within a post, a link to download all the images in an album will show up when reading a person’s Instagram page from their profile page, so be sure to check there too.

How can I save a whole tale using Imginn?

Because they can only store Instagram stories in segments, many users need help to save the stories of their favorite content producers. Many people find it challenging to stay updated with their favorite accounts because there are no direct links to store whole stories. They only sometimes follow them, and they don’t get alerts when they upload new stories.

Even if you still need to add them to your collection, we will gather everything from the top posts on your Instagram timeline! By doing this, we make sure that every update is noticed.

Additional applications for Imginn:

  • In addition to grabbing highlights from Instagram stories, images, and videos online, Imginn has been used for various other things.
  • Because it is an app that enables users to download content from various social networking websites, including YouTube, like Facebook or Twitter, it may be used in a wide range of situations.
  • Since many apps have similar functions, it should go without saying that it is imperative to give them only a little information.
  • Despite this, their website says their program may be used in the scenarios mentioned earlier.
  • You can save every piece of content you create with the Download Instagram Stories highlight feature before it is further changed.
  • For instance, you can use these examples to see who viewed your Twitter profile picture or who modified your Instagram privacy settings.

1. Dumpor


Like Imginn, Dumpor is a website that enables anonymous browsing and downloading of Instagram story views, videos, and photographs. Users are prompted to search for any Instagram account using a profile, location, and tag on its straightforward user interface. You can use hashtags to search, check likes and comments, and browse anonymously.

2. Glassgram


You can obtain exclusive features from Glassgram that aren’t available on other pages. Users may find their own Instagram profiles with this app. It also comprises a variety of parts that still need to be introduced. Additionally, this Glassgram is an excellent tool for new users and beginners to access all of Instagram’s main features.

3. Storistalker


Another good anonymous Instagram photo and video viewer is Storistalker. The processing and displaying of the findings on the website takes about 30 seconds. However, downloading takes place instantly and doesn’t require registration. You can anonymously watch Instagram stories and even delete posts and videos on the free site.

4. Smihub


With various functionalities enabled, Smihub functions similarly to Imginn. You can download photographs and videos from Instagram profiles and watch stories. You do not need to pay for any of the features of this app. You can grow your Instagram followers with the aid of Smihub.

5. QoobStories


Only some websites have the variety of unique features that QoobStories offers. Also, if you want to check out any public or private account, this app will give you the key to view Instagram stories.

6. Inflact


The most fabulous anonymous Instagram story viewer right now is Inflact. Without making an account, you can store movies and photographs and watch Instagram stories anonymously. Any public profile’s Instagram stories can be automatically saved without cost or third-party app installation on any device.


Imginn is a must-have for any Instagram marketer. You can personalize every campaign and deliver engaging material to your followers by having access to real-time customer data. Additionally, you’ll have enough content to fuel future growth since you’ll have access to high-quality video from millions of uploads daily. Additionally, Imginn makes it simple to download all of your customers’ tales into one side, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your company rather than playing catch-up on social media. With Imginn’s trustworthy platform and lightning-fast performance, you have no reason to not incorporate it in your marketing strategy.


Q1. Does Imginn require an Instagram account to utilize it?

Ans. The best feature is what distinguishes this software from others. What sets this software apart from the competition is its best feature. If someone doesn’t want to, they can utilize the photo-sharing website without creating an account. Users who don’t have Instagram accounts can still search for and download free material using user names or hashtags.

Q2. Can I access a private Instagram account’s stories using Imginn?

Ans. Imginn is subject to a few rules that you should be aware of. It’s critical to remember that if an account is set to “private,” you cannot access it. Users frequently set their privacy settings to “private” to prevent strangers from viewing their accounts. The only content on this website is that individuals decide to make it public because they only permit a small number of devoted followers to view their content.

Q3. Do the owners of IG profiles receive download notifications?

Ans. Viewing another user’s profile and downloading content secretly is one of the best features of this service.

Q4. Can I utilize Imginn on a tablet or a phone?

Ans. Instagram photographs and stories may easily be saved via the Imginn website. The question “Can you use this service on your phone?” is by far the most common one we get. The most important feature is that users can access the site without spending any money.The image can be accessed using your preferred mobile web browser.

Q5. What about those that utilize an Android or iPhone?

Ans. Only a small number of websites are compatible with iOS and Android. However, in this instance, imginn users on iOS and Android can take advantage of the following features: Without disclosing their identities, readers and downloaders can read and download any tale from any other user. On mobile devices, various Internet materials can now be downloaded immediately.

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