Pixwox is a program that allows for the automated downloading of media from Instagram, including photos, videos, highlights, tales, and stories. The Apple App Store and the Google Play Store include it for no cost. Two engineers, fed up with downloading Instagram photos and videos by hand, invented Pixwox. You can save a lot of time with this uncomplicated and simple-to-operate solution for downloading information from Instagram.

Pixwox: what is it?

Pixwox is an excellent program for fast downloading photos and videos from Instagram, seeing users’ stories, and reading through their updates. You can use It to quickly identify the most shared Instagram stories and save them to your camera roll with a couple of taps.

You can quickly and easily download photos and videos from people’s Instagram updates, and it’s also a terrific way to peruse their tales. Any media included in an update can be downloaded to your smartphone with a single tap. It’s the best option to quickly download photos and videos from other people’s Instagram updates or peruse their tales.


Guide to Using Pixwox.

Pixwox is a powerful photo editor with many useful features for enhancing, organizing, and sharing images. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to utilize Pixwox, an online image editor that allows you to modify photographs, make albums, and add text.

Download Pixwox from the App Store or Google Play to get started. Launch the program after downloading it, then enter your login details. When you launch Pixwox, you’ll be greeted by the program’s primary editing interface. Photos, Albums, Textures & Frames, Filters & Effects, and Sharing are just a few of the options available from the main screen of Pixwox. Detailed explanations of these parts follow.

The Top Pixwox Features

Obtaining Restricted Materials: Users can access restricted sites and download content without registering or logging in. This feature allows users to obtain the information they require quickly.

Persona Anonima: Pixwox keeps your identity hidden, so your personal information and photos are safe. This anonymity provides more protection, especially for those who value privacy while engaging in online activities.

Safe and Sound Operation: This is a trustworthy platform since it places a premium on protecting users’ private information. The software contains no malicious code that might compromise user data or cause their devices to become infected.

Ignoring Commercials: Users won’t have to worry about any downtime while using this service. Ads can be annoying, but you won’t have to put up with them here.

Effortless Interaction Design: The software offers a user-friendly and interactive interface that makes navigating and utilizing its features simple. The straightforward layout makes using it a breeze and a pleasure, even for those who need to be more tech-savvy.

Completely Zero Cost to You: Because the software costs nothing, users are not required to pay anything to use its functions. Its low price makes it accessible to many customers who might not have the funds or motivation to pay for other options.


  • You don’t need an Account to download restricted content from the internet.
  • You can also check out his activity log if you’re interested.
  • You can get it with the steps outlined below if you still need it on your smartphone.
  • Nobody but you will know what you’ve been up to on Pixwox.
  • Pixwox provides a protected space for viewing downloadable posts.
  • This website is safe to use with the Instagram Charge Less app.


  • There are a lot of bad reviews floating around the internet.
  • It often needs help locating the required account.
  • Pixwox does not have much of a social media presence.
  • Since its introduction on the market, it has received little attention.

Can I assume security on Pixwox?

Visiting Pixwox is entirely risk-free. SSL Certification provides a secure, encrypted link between the user’s browser and the server. Users’ data will remain secure in this manner, while it is prudent to take additional precautions by using security programs. In this way, your program will remain unaffected. If the legitimacy of this site is being discussed, however, it is safe to access and won’t cause any damage to your computer.

How dependable is Pixwox as a service?

Pixwox is an app that hides users’ identities as they browse through someone else’s Instagram feed or story. However, you must follow the rules and regulations laid down for you. According to research, it’s one of the most popular ways to access other people’s shared content, like videos and photos. SSL certification is a good indicator of legitimacy, and the site also includes links to other similarly trustworthy sites.

How can you remove your Instagram profile from Pixwox?

  • Visit the page’s footer by clicking here.

pixwox delete account

  • To remove the image, visit www.pixwox.com/remove or select “Remove” from the menu.
  • Below is a form you may use to cancel your account.
  • Put in your username, email address, and your account URL.
  • Pick “Submit” from the list of options.
  • You will receive a notice before your account is permanently removed.

Best Pixwox Alternatives

1. StorySaver

Story Saver

If you’re looking for a stylish solution to download the Instagram stories of specific users, StorySaver.net is an option. With this tool, you may learn to stalk like a pro and leave no traces behind. Almost all public Instagram accounts’ story highlights are easily accessible for viewing and downloading. To see where your download is, enter your username and click the button. The next step is to select the page’s current story and featured content. You can save the file to your computer by clicking the “Save as” button. There is no need to register or purchase before getting started with the site.

2. Instasaved


The next option on our list of excellent substitutes for Pixwox is Instasaved. Using this fantastic service, you may quickly and easily grab the content you want from Instagram. You may instantly download not only people’s images, videos, and albums but also their stories. There’s no need to sign in or provide any other data. Visit the site to start downloading content from an Instagram account of your choice.

Instasaved is a well-liked online community for sharing and instantly downloading photographs and other forms of digital media. It’s a straightforward service that requires only three easy clicks to download any media. If you need an app to help you get pictures and videos from the people you care about, this is it.

3. Instalkr


The stories of the people you choose can be seen or downloaded through a particular app without revealing your identity. You can’t download anything, but you can look around freely without drawing unwanted attention to yourself. Finding your stalker and seeing who has been viewing your profile is its primary function.

You may stalk somebody by discreetly watching their Instagram stories without leaving any evidence. You may quickly discover who has been stalking your profile, who has blocked you, how many likes your photos get, how active your followers are, and much more.

You may now see all of your inactive followers and follow them without checking Instagram stories. If you’re curious about who has been following, blocking, or unfollowing you on Instagram, the InStalker – Who Viewed My Profile is the best app for the job.

4. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram


You’re interested in saving Instagram posts, photos, and videos from your friends and family. Then 4K Stogram is the perfect app for you. Downloading Instagram content, including stories, accounts, hashtags, and locations, with 4K Stogram is a breeze. In addition, this service allows you to download content from numerous Instagram accounts at once. This means the user’s name, location, and Instagram hashtag must be entered into the app before you can click the download option.

Images, videos, IGTV, and other media with their original descriptions can be easily downloaded. In addition, you can select all or certain types of Instagram content and download them at once. The 4K Stogram: Easily Download and Backup All Your Instagram Content! The app simplifies the process of finding and downloading content from various sources throughout the world. The app also lets you subscribe to profiles, locations, and hashtags on Instagram that you find particularly interesting.

5. Dumpor


Do you wish to remain anonymous when perusing Instagram stories? You can safely stalk someone there without them even knowing it. You can use this site to see Instagram stories that you’re interested in anonymously. It won’t let anyone know that you’ve been stalking them. You may examine the profiles of individuals you’re interested in and their followers, Instagram stories, and tagged posts without revealing your identity.

By entering keywords into a search bar and tapping the search button, Dumpor enables Instagram users to locate certain users, hashtags, and locations. To witness the pinnacle of Instagram content, go to Dumpor’s domain. You can analyze profiles, comments, likes, follows, and more. You may even download content and surf the web anonymously.

6. InstaStories


InstaStories is the first of our recommended substitutes for Pixwox. You can view Instagram without revealing your identity to your accounts. If you want to look for a specific individual on Instagram without giving away your identity, you can use our private browser. Then, type the username you want to use into the platform’s search bar. Then, add the usernames you care about to your favorites list, and you’ll always have quick access to them.

7. IzoomYou


You’ve found the proper size if you’re seeking a way to increase the size of your Instagram profile pictures. izoom You’ve made it easy to check out and enlarge Instagram accounts. It’s the app’s primary function. However, it’s still in the development stages. Instagram users, for instance, may browse and save their profile pictures, stories, and posts directly to their mobile devices. You can also look for and stalk the people you like without letting them know. InstaStories for iOS is currently unavailable but will be released soon.

With the IzoomYou for Instagram – Profile Picture in HD App, you can see, store, and save Instagram profile pictures in stunning high definition. Instagram photo download instructions are available. Private profiles will be inaccessible, while public accounts’ media libraries will be manageable. In general, IzoomYou is a top alternative to Pixwox.

8. FastSave


Fastsave is the next on our list of excellent substitutes for Pixwox. It allows people worldwide to find their favorite Instagrammers and download videos and photographs without paying a dime. People’s Instagram IDs can be easily tracked down with Fastsave – Repost photo videos. This program lets you instantly view videos and photographs offline after downloading them. Sharing the entire album of pictures or videos only takes a few clicks.

It’s easy to use, extremely safe, and quick to download whatever you need. It has a sleek interface to store several video and photo reels and expertly manage everything. You may even use slideshows to hide or show off your collected media files. In addition, it only takes a few taps to share, delete, view, or repost media from the app. A quick and easy tool with many valuable features, Fastsave — Photo, Video, and TV Video Repost is perfect for Instagram users.

9. Instagram post-saving app

Instagram post-saving app

Download Instagram videos and photo stories with this lesser-known but helpful app. Instagram stories you’re interested in can be downloaded directly to your phone with a button. Additionally, it lets you download stories from public Instagram private accounts straight to your mobile devices.

Instagram content, including shops and stories, can be shared repeatedly. It makes reading through your feed and searching for posts from certain people easier. With Instagram’s Story Saver, you can add anyone to a favorites list and view their tales whenever and wherever you like. If you want a simple way to save Instagram stories, you should get Story Saver for Instagram.

10. Instore


It’s simple to bookmark the stories of your preferred sources. The excellent Instore app lets you quickly and easily download videos and photographs from Instagram’s public accounts. This Instagram downloader is free to use and allows you to download as many images, videos, and stories as you like from the accounts of your choice. The Instore app allows users to download stories or movies and offers a feature that allows users to generate captions and hashtags for their own images.

You may do that to see the process demonstrated on film. Millions of people worldwide find downloading content easier thanks to the Instore: Video Downloader, Status, and Story Saver app. The Story Saver, Hashtag Generator, Caption Creator, Collage Maker, DP Downloader, DP Resizer, etc., are just a few of its many valuable features. Public users can also provide free content such as stories, photographs, reels, and more. Overall, Instore is a top alternative to Pixwox.


List of Top Pixwox Alternatives

1. Imginn.com
2. Dumpor.com
3. Imgkoa.com
4. Pixwox
5. Mystalk.net
6. Anonigviewer.com
7. Pikdo.info
8. Storiesig.net
9. Storiesig.info
10. Sweetagram.com
11. Smihub.com
12. Hayko.tv
13. Storiesig.app
14. Storiesdown.com
15. Starngage.com
16. Storistalker.com
17. Ninjaoutreach.com
18. Instazu.com
19. Saveig.org
20. Greatfon.com
21. Jolygram.com
22. Theinstaprofile.com
23. Hypeauditor.com
24. Esperando.cc
25. Picterio.com
26. Analisa.io
27. Pikdo.biz
28. 4trombones.com
29. Piwox.com
30. Anon-instastories.online
31. Picuki.com
32. 4ins.top
33. Gramho.com
34. Telemetr.io
35. izoom You
36. Picosico.org
37. InstaStories
38. Pictame.com
39. Picboon.com
40. Instalkr
41. Urlebird.com
42. 4K Stogram
43. Speakrj.com
44. Fullinsta.photo
45. Ingramer.com
46. Instajust.com
47. Instastory.net
48. Insta-stories.ru
49. Hotinfluencer.com
50. Saveimgs.com
51. Insta-stories.online
52. Tgchannels.org
53. Telete.in
54. Bigsta.net
55. Ejiga.com
56. Woomy.me
57. Exolyt.com
58. Picpaw.netlify.app
59. Tumbral.com
60. Tgstat.com
61. Splus.ir
62. Digsty.com
63. Webstagramsite.com
64. Lambda.dance
65. Alexairan.com
66. T.me
67. Xn-rla.website
68. Telegram.me
69. Keepface.com
70. FastSave
71. Wisgoon.com
72. Thehandbook.com
73. Tiktok.com
74. StorySaver.net
75. Igblade.com
76. Sapp.ir
77. Instore
78. Apkun.com
79. Linktr.ee
80. Story Saver for Instagram


When compared to other innovation platforms, what sets Pixwox apart?

Pixwox’s innovative technology, user-friendly interface, and wealth of available assets set it apart from the competition. The platform’s capacity for AI-powered creativity, collaboration, and trend research makes it stand out as an all-inclusive option for anyone interested in innovating.

How much does Pixwox cost?

Pixwox is, without a doubt, free for everyone to use.

Can Pixwox be used for both personal and commercial purposes?

Absolutely! Pixwox is designed to fulfill the specific requirements of both people and enterprises. Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a large enterprise, Pixwox can help you unleash your inner artist and fuel creativity.

Is Pixwox easy enough for a newbie to use?

Indeed! Pixwox was made for people of various experience levels. Because of its user-friendly design and a massive library of helpful information, it is an excellent place for novices to begin their quest for innovative knowledge.

How can I use Pixwox to find business contacts?

Yes! Pixwox encourages its users to interact with others who share their interests by providing tools for group projects. If you need a co-founder, a design partner, or an expert in your field, Pixwox can help you find them and work together to make your ideas a reality.

Is Pixwox compatible with third-party apps and services?

Absolutely! Pixwox’s compatibility with other popular programs and services allows for easy incorporation into existing workflows and increased output. Pixwox can be easily incorporated into your current toolkit, whether a project management application or a design program.

Is it safe to use Pixwox?

Pixwox is cautious with its users’ personal information. The platform takes precautions to protect user data and guarantee the quality of its offerings. Pixwox is reliable since it will keep your information safe and easy to use.

To Whom is my Instagram visible?

When your profile photo is locked, other Instagram users won’t be able to see it. If you visit someone’s page but don’t like or comment on a post, they won’t know who has viewed the photos.

Who Instagram Blocked Me?

If you think Instagram has muted your account, look out for these: A user who has been blocked will not show up in the search results. The profile page of the banned user has no links to any of their posts.

To what extent does Pixwox resemble Instagram?

Pixwox is an intuitive and free Instagram viewer and editor. You may view and update your Instagram profile, feed, posts, tags, locations, and more whenever you choose.


Pixwox is a highly effective tool for editing photographs and has many applications. Every aspect of utilizing Pixwox, from importing images to making adjustments, will be discussed here. This tutorial will show you how to use Pixwox to make professional-quality images that perfectly fit your business. Check out our comprehensive tutorial for using Pixwox if you need a primary import method or want to learn about its more complex features.

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