Online quiz platform Quizizz mimics the format of popular game shows. That calls for a FAQ system that works on mobile browsers like Chrome, iOS, Android, and desktop clients. From the student’s perspective, the ability to take an exam on their own devices and the game-like nature of the interactions make studying more fun. Teachers can select from some already-made quizzes or create their own from scratch with the tools provided. Students do not need to sign up for individual accounts because each user is given a unique passcode. It’s also possible to protect their privacy and sensitive data.

This website is a helpful resource for educators because it offers various quizzes that can be created without effort. However, as these may be modified, they can provide a more in-depth and personalized service to students and classes.

To what end does Quizizz serve?

Registration is required to use Quizizz in the classroom. In addition to the required primary data, a Google or Microsoft account affiliated with your school can also be used. This tool’s usefulness stems mainly from its seamless integration with other online platforms such as Edmodo, Google Classroom, and Remind.

To make it easy for teachers to choose the suitable quiz, the database of quiz options can be searched and sorted. You can get precisely what you need from a preexisting questionnaire. You may also opt to go back and change the final draught.

One option is to create a new test with both single- and multiple-selection multiple-choice options for each question. Teachers can choose between rich media options and manual entry if the latter is more time efficient. Integrate visuals into questions and answer options and provide personalized feedback to each student. For instance, the response from the students could be used to activate a viral internet joke. There are many possibilities, and instructors can even make their own.

Features of Quizziz

Quizziz is an online platform providing users with quiz-making and taking options. Critical features of Quizziz include the following:

I made a test: Quizziz allows you to create quizzes easily. Questions can be true/false, multiple-choice, or free-form. The platform’s quiz creation tool is straightforward, allowing you to adjust the quiz’s timing, settings, and design.

Database for Inquiry: Using Quizziz’s question bank, you may browse and select questions from an extensive collection of previously created questions. This time-saving device provides a database of questions covering various topics.

Interactive Live Quizzes: Real-time quizzes with multiple participants are Quizziz’s specialty. A quiz session can be initiated, and all participants must do to join is input a game code. The platform supports real-time multiplayer interactions, making it suitable for classrooms, training environments, and friendly competitions.

The Fun of Gamification: To make taking quizzes fun and engaging, Quizziz employs game design elements. Each player’s speed and accuracy are tracked and recorded on a scoreboard to inspire healthy competition and reward top performers.

Analysis and Reports, in Great Detail: After a user completes a quiz on Quizziz, they are presented with extensive feedback and analysis. You can get information like how long people spent on each question, how accurately they answered, and their overall score. These records help track the development of the participants and pinpoint places where they can progress.


System integration for learning management

Quizziz allows integration with popular LMSs, including Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. This makes it simple for educators and trainers to incorporate quizzes into their pedagogical practices.

Cooperative Work: Quizziz is a quiz-sharing and collaboration platform. You can give out quizzes to others so they can take them on their own time as long as you give them a unique quiz code. Teachers can collaborate by sharing and adapting quizzes between themselves.

There are a few different question types: Quizziz allows you to ask questions in various formats, including multiple-choice, true/false, and free-form text. Visual aids like images, films, and mathematics can be used to present questions more engagingly.

Adaptive functions: Quizziz has some accessibility options, such as text-to-speech, color contrast settings, and keyboard access. These features will make the platform accessible to many users, including those with sensory or movement impairments.

Safekeeping and Privacy: Quizziz is committed to protecting its users’ personal information. It’s privacy-friendly and gives you options for restricting who can take your quizzes. Users’ privacy is protected because they are not obliged to provide personal information to use Quizziz.

How much does Quizizz cost?

Quizizz’s homepage needs to be more active on cost, except for business-related options, despite offering a free trial. The annual cost of the free plan is $0, while the $10/month plan is $96. Create as many tests and lessons as you like, and use the entire library of Quizizz Super questions. Games, answer explanations, answer explanation explanations, and interactive videos are all available ad-free.

Use of Quizizz: Top Tips

Spend some time searching: Spending time searching the database will save you time in the long run compared to making your own quiz. In addition, your proficiency grows the more you utilize the platform.

Spot early and act: Before starting a new class or semester, give students an exam to see how well they know the material. You can use this information to tailor your lessons better to benefit the whole class and individual learners.

The use of Parents: Give students the benefit of a second pair of eyes by having them assess their work and email their parents the results, perhaps once a month.

What criteria should I use to find a specific quiz or lesson?

The Quizizz library contains thousands of pre-made examinations and classes other professors and educators created. Among the various categories into which these resources are organized are icebreakers and bell ringers, mathematics, English and Language Arts, social studies, world languages, science, computer science skills, and many more. The site features a search function that may be used to locate exams and courses. The procedure is as follows:

  • Enter by logging into Quizizz.
  • In the left-hand menu, click on Explore.
  • Find what you’re looking for quickly by browsing the featured sections or using the search bar.
  • Narrow your results by selecting a specific Level (Elementary to University), Content Area, Language, Question Count, etc.
  • You can preview questions and lessons by hovering over search results.
  • Once you’ve discovered the quiz or lesson you’re interested in, click Play to begin a live quiz, assign it as Homework, or watch a preview.

How do I host a quiz on Quizizz?

Assigned quizzes allow pupils more independence than live quizzes. You can assign quizzes you made yourself or share them with the world in the Quizizz library. Finding the appropriate quiz for your class is as easy as clicking the Assign Homework button and setting a due date if desired. Adjust the settings as needed, and then click the Assign button.


  • The program or website stimulates curiosity, enthusiasm, and original thought in the classroom. I use it primarily for evaluating content.
  • I feel right at home in Quizizz. I can quickly see how my students are progressing and what they know and don’t know.
  • They like that it showcases their knowledge and skill, making them feel good about themselves even if they don’t end up in the top five.
  • They find that taking a quiz more than once, using powerups and other fun features, is much more engaging than taking a regular test.


  • There isn’t anything I detest about it yet, but my kids hate using the powerups.
  • The software has one major flaw, though, and that is the fact that quizzes occasionally contain errors and need to be checked twice.
  • The user stated, “The ONLY issue I’ve had with this programme is that, when I give live courses, I only receive a few legitimate names.
  • Since it costs money to “reactivate” a quiz, I must create a fresh one if a student forgets to submit an assignment.

Creating Your Own Quizizz Lesson


It’s easy to set up a class on Quizizz and start sharing games and quizzes with your students. You can create a new class or import students and materials from Google Classroom, Schoology, or Canvas. To make a brand-new class, do as follows:

  • Enter by logging into Quizizz.
  • To make a new category, click Classes on the left pane.
  • Fill in the name of your course here.
  • Go ahead and click “Create class.”
  • Give the students the link or code you created.
  • Students enter the class code at quizizz.com/join/class to sign in.

The styles of Qiuzziz

There are two primary workflows in this software. Whether you’re a teacher or a student, you can use these settings to create tests that are just right for you. Teachers are not solely responsible for generating assessment materials. Taking a quiz with your pals or coworkers can be obligatory fun. Below is a breakdown of the many quiz-making options available in Qiuzziz.

Set the Mode: In the real-time quiz mode, participants will see their scores as soon as they submit their answers. For users to access the quiz in this fashion, you must provide them with a unique code. They’ll need that code and their names to get started. Once the exam has commenced, they will be sent regular quiz results. As a designer, you can keep an eye on the screen to check in on how the users are doing.

Toggle Default: It’s another option for administering quizzes ahead of time. In this setting, you must create a test and assign it as Homework. Participants can be given a limited amount of time to complete the quiz. In many workplaces, this is the standard procedure for evaluating employees. Each contestant must finish the test and turn it in by the due date. To join and access this account, they must provide their email addresses. The results of the quiz will be made available to everyone when it has been submitted. After the deadline, you can examine the participants’ aggregate scores in your account.

Qiuzziz Questions and Their Types

This program does not specialize in any particular style of question so you may expect a wide variety of questions. You can take the exam in either of these formats to determine how well you can communicate through words. Below is a list and a brief explanation of the many questions you might get on this quiz app.

What kinds of information may users find here?

Qiuzziz is intriguing since it draws ideas from a wide variety of disciplines. Unlike other quiz-making sites, it won’t let you focus on a specific topic when creating a question. Science, mathematics, and English can all be included in your exam creations. Below is a list of possible quiz themes in this application.

  • Math
  • English
  • Studies in Society
  • Languages
  • Science
  • Computers
  • Career Development
  • Creative Activities
  • Physique and Physical Education

Regardless of their area of academic interest, anyone is welcome to sign up for our service. Remember that this program does not generate a test appropriate for doctoral candidates. This program is designed to help kids learn and retain information by having them complete quizzes with beginner-level questions.

In what ways might it help one acquire new knowledge?

Qiuzziz will help the students acquire new terminology in their area. No one is too stupid to learn new words. But it can be used for tests in any area of study. It will help you grasp the intricacies of your topic with more ease. An AI-based system will generate questions related to your topic. The platform also provides a time-saving, pre-paid quiz option.

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