What Exactly Is Yesbackpage?

Yesbackpage is a website that can be purchased and sold online. Siddiq Khan designed the Website. Furthermore, the Website lists all the services and commodities offered on the platform. It also provides you with all classified advertising. Aside from separate adverts based on your location. To engage with each of the mentioned products. Because of the API interface, the site looks light in color. All menus are also presented immediately on the screen. You can receive an easy-to-use unit while searching for anything. One of the unique features of the Yesbackpage is the ability to report an item that is switched off or unavailable. And many other services and features similar to those of Backpage, which was shut down by authorities. The following list will give you the top alternatives to Yesbackpage. Keep an eye on us.


  • Several cities are listed.
  • Some escorts may be eligible for advertising credits from the platform if they can demonstrate that they lost prepaid payments when Backpage was shut down.
  • Classified advertising from the past.

Are YesBackpage’s rivals safe?

Some of these options are highly secure and adhere to tight laws to ensure no fraud occurs, particularly when making payments related to international transactions. However, a few dodgy sites may operate across borders, so users must be cautious when using these services to protect their data and financial information.


  • This network offers many well-known and renowned escorts who left Backpage after it was closed down a few years ago.
  • The layout is similar to old-fashioned newspaper classified advertising. As a result, if you appreciate the old look, this is the site for you. :))
  • This platform has no bells and whistles.


  • Because these women are all escorts, you’ll unlikely meet a girlfriend here.
  • They are not suitable for a wife or girlfriend.
  • This platform is a carbon clone of the original Website with many irrelevant advertisements.
  • This Website may only satisfy you if you live in a small town with a tiny population – there are more adverts on this Website in large cities.
  • It’s not an accessible site to find.
  • It needs to be more engaging.

Why is YesBackpage not working?

Yes, Backpage has recently been unreachable owing to legal difficulties with online transmissions, albeit we cannot confirm this. For optimal service and efficiency by 2023, shifting your priority to one of the other 30 possibilities suggested in this article is preferable.


1. Locanto


Locanto is another classified ad website platform that is an excellent alternative to YesBackpage. The Website was found in Germany. Nonetheless, this Website is now available in over 65 different countries. Also, look into Google Photos alternatives. There are numerous categories to choose from, including Real Estate, Jobs, Furniture, Automobiles, and Personal Ads. This platform is available on Android in addition to the iOS app.

2. Doublelist


On this list, Doublelist is an alternative to Yesbackpage, which is regarded as one of the most incredible classified ads and buying sites. Doublelist is a free web tool allowing users to contact one another in the sales field. Furthermore, the site is accessible in many places throughout the world. The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom are among them.
Furthermore, the site’s services are free. It also helps you to acquire a lot of free personal advertising on the platform. You will need a profile to take advantage of these services. Your name, email address, and password can create a profile. Then you will be able to find thousands of advertisements. Aside from placing your advertisements.

3. USFreeads


USFreeads is another platform on this list. That is one of the best alternatives to Yesbackpage, which has thousands of your ads as well as the ads of others. Furthermore, USFreeads is a massive marketplace for consumers and sellers. This is because the portal allows users to discuss and negotiate their products and items with one another. Hundreds of classified and free ads are posted on the site one day. In addition to USFreeads, there are several categories with numerous commodities and products.

Electronics, compulsory advertisements, watches, jewelry, entertainment, models, and toys are among these items. Aside from sports, careers, homes, pets, and other goods, there are many more. Furthermore, USFreeads is distinguished by its ease of buying and selling, aside from the site’s security. We mean that if you seek an appropriate site to publish your advertisements. As a result, USFreeads will be appropriate for this.

4. OfferUp


OfferUp is a free smartphone application. It is also regarded as one of the top alternatives to Yesbackpage. OfferUp allows you to sell and purchase almost anything. It is also regarded as having one of the largest mobile phone markets for local customers. You may also generate money with OfferUp, aside from receiving the best prices on your desired things. The application has recently gained popularity. This is owing to the site’s dependability and security.

Furthermore, OfferUp has a large number of categories with numerous things. Examples are clothing, gadgets, furniture, phones, and various other goods. The App also has a slew of other functions. Such as browsing local items and joining millions of others. Aside from message buyers, many deals and a primary and straightforward user interface.

5. LetGo


LetGo is a popular platform because of its user interface. The sleek and straightforward UI provides an excellent user experience and is an excellent choice for YesBackpage. The Website contains a few of the most important types of advertising. Following that, you will see a list of various services and goods.

6. Oodle


Oodle is a classified aggregator that was launched in 2004. It displays hundreds of thousands of requests from various platforms. They finally discovered the personal advertisement section in 2006. Nonetheless, they differ from other YesBackpage competitors in that Oofle’s findings are compiled from various sources. If you’re looking for combinations of features only available on some websites, you should check Oodle immediately.

7. Gumtree


Gumtree is another YesBackpages option that allows you to explore the world of property and auto advertisements. This Website has expanded significantly over the last several years and is now regarded as one of the best on the market. All you need is an account to publish advertisements on Gumtree. If you want to look at the things on the site, you can do so without creating an account.

8. Facebook


Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. If you already have a Facebook account, you can go straight to the “Buy and Sell Groups” section of the Explore Menu. You can use such groups to publish your adverts if you seek a specific item to buy. Then type the keyword into the search bar.

9. Categorized Ads

Categorized Ads

Classified advertising is another popular YesBackpage option for publishing personal advertising. This Website contains more than just personal ad functions. But also for other classed categories. The “Personals” section on the homepages uses many classifications, such as Casual dating. The categorized adverts include a plethora of methods to publish the advertisements. However, it is not a significant issue.

10. Craiglist


Craigslist was a popular site for personal advertisements. Adult advertising was also incorporated into some advertisements. Unfortunately, this service was discontinued in 2010. The Website removed all personal advertising in March 2018. Craigslist is no longer a dating service but is still well-known for classified listings. Similarly, you will find links to “Avoid Scams” and “Personal Safety Risks.”

11. Kijiji


One of the top online advertising platforms. Furthermore, Kijiji is the most excellent alternative to Yesbackpage. Kijiji is an advertising platform owned by eBay that was founded at the beginning of 2005. It is also regarded as one of the top online classified advertising sites. Kijiji is also a hub for the urban region and the Internet community. Aside from that, the city organizes it for local advertisements. Furthermore, the Kijiji platform is available in over 250 cities worldwide.

12. Finder Master

Finder Master is a site that is very similar to Yesbackpage. It is a service platform comparable to Backpage. However, Finder Master has a unique feature. Such a function is unlikely to be seen on many other advertising platforms. And Finder Master is available throughout the world. All you have to do is choose your region and your country. Then you’ll be able to find suitable classified advertisements and adverts. Furthermore, the site contains a significant number of categories, each of which contains a variety of aspects and products.

This includes health products, pets, numerous services, real estate, and automobiles. In addition to electronics, games, and a variety of other items. You can also use Finder Master to find employment in your neighborhood. Furthermore, there are no services for adults on the Website besides dependability and safety, which is one of the site’s top goals. You may now go to Finder Master and have the most incredible experience by clicking the link above.

13. DomesticSale


Another of the top Yesbackpage alternatives on the list is DomesticSale. DomesticSale is a hidden gem in classified ads for the first time. Because the advertisements are free of garbage. As a result, the site can ensure its users receive free classified advertising. DomesticSale ensures the dependability of adverts using this strategy. Furthermore, the site offers sales and service categories for various things and products. This is because DomesticSale comprises automobiles and trucks.

Aside from the store, there are calendars of events and career possibilities. You can also find holiday rentals and resumes. Furthermore, DomesticSale is a fantastic platform in the field of digital marketing, making it straightforward. Because the site allows for posting adverts, you may also publish an advertisement for your products for sale. You only need to go to DomesticSale and post your ad in real-time.

14. Yakaz


Yakaz should be on this list because it is among the top Yesbackpage alternatives. Yakaz is a search engine with millions of local and worldwide classified advertising. One of the site’s best aspects is it’s updated daily. In addition, thousands of classified ads are added to the Website’s database daily. Yakaz is a website with classified advertising for motorcycles and cars.

Aside from the products for sale and career opportunities. There are more categories, such as renting houses, essential services, furniture, real estate, etc. Yakaz was and continues to be one of the best-classified ad websites globally. The Website also has a section for used, fresh, and new stuff. Furthermore, the Yakaz user interface is very straightforward and requires little effort.

15. Krrb


The final Website we’ll discuss today is Krrb, one of the most excellent alternatives to Yesbackpage. Krrb serves as an intermediary between sellers and purchasers via the Internet. It is also regarded as one of the most excellent trading and advertising platforms. Furthermore, the site offers many classified ads both locally and abroad. It also brings together users from all over the world. Krrb also provides local classifieds online in addition to the site’s extensive and unique database.

Krrb aims to make it easy for local and foreign users to post their adverts. Aside from receiving free advertisements. Also, to improve and activate the potential for successful promotion and marketing. Krrb allows millions of people to approach and speak with one another. All you have to do now is visit the site and get the finest experience possible.

16. H1Ad


H1Ad is a Yesbackpage alternative that will receive your votes following your first visit. There are few four-letter websites in general, and their brief name has made it easy for all of us to remember. It has a modern appearance and all the functionality you need to place or view adverts. The site is designed to be simple to use. See us right now!

17. AdvertiseEra


Nearly every nation and major city in the English-speaking world is represented on the Advertising Era website. In addition, various categories and subcategories are provided to enhance your experience on our Website. Again, the flawless user experience and the cutting-edge design are examples of what you can anticipate from this site. This is another site that everyone in the market should browse to uncover Yesbackpage alternatives. Check it out right now!

18. ClassifiedsFactor


ClassifiedsFactor is another excellent Yesbackpage alternative and a highly user-friendly website. You can select the service category you require immediately or utilize the site search. Again, the most enticing aspect of ClassifiedsFactor is that it works naturally. You can quickly surf the site and get your product or service immediately. You can even post adverts that will be listed in seconds. Visit it today to discover or publish your classified ad!

19. WallClassifieds


If you’re looking for an excellent alternative to Yesbackpage, WallClassifieds might be the place to go. Its term is derived from the days when advertisements were displayed on the walls. It includes practically all general categories and covers several cities. It is one of the most popular websites regarding incoming traffic, which means you will have a better chance of finding the correct ad. Examine them and see what you can find.

20. GiganticList


GiganticList is a must-visit website for finding Yesbackpage alternatives. GiganticList has a modern style and is simple to use. You have access to a massive database of advertisements. This Website allows you to find practically anything in minutes. It most certainly supports your city because its Website spans virtually the entire globe. Again, this is the place to be if you’re looking for a suitable Yesbackpage replacement. Please don’t put it off any longer; go there right now!

21. AdsGlobe


If you’re looking for a way to reach a worldwide audience, Ads Globe is a great choice. It extends across several regions in various countries while still being monitored by U.S. standards, making it more easier to acquire or sell products without any legal difficulties.

22. Trovit


You may find apartments, houses, cars, job posts, and more on Trovit, a classifieds website that connects people from all over the world. This means they won’t have to jump around to several sites to find what they need.

Conclusion has enjoyed a fair share of success and spotlight following the seizure of, mainly as an online business listing and dating site. However, various service-related faults and occasional security vulnerabilities with YesBackpage have been reported, which may cause users concern. Nonetheless, you can consider any of the top 20 options above. These are the most popular and reputable websites for finding services and products or posting classified advertising.


What exactly is YesBackpage?

YesBackpage is a classified website that debuted in 2018. It gives a forum for people to advertise or buy/sell stuff without having to search for them elsewhere.

Are all of these YesBackpage competitors completely free?

Some of the alternatives listed provide some aspects for free, while others are paid services requiring a minimum subscription charge or cost.

What are the finest sites like YesBackpage?

Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, WallClassifieds, OkCupid, and ClassifiedAds are among the options listed in this article.

What is the most well-known YesBackpage rival?

BackPage is the most popular alternative to YesBackpage. It has grown in popularity over the years due to its user-friendly interface and efficient features that facilitate user transactions.

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